Classroom of the Elite season 3 delayed

Ayanokoji won't make it to the screens sooner as the creators have delayed the new season's release.
Classroom of the Elite season 2 - Credits: Crunchyroll
Classroom of the Elite season 2 - Credits: Crunchyroll /

Classroom of the Elite season 2 was one of the most anticipated Anime series released last summer. The season did not disappoint franchise fans and ended with a bang. It featured the highly anticipated battle between Ayanokoji and Ryuen.

Classroom of the Elite season 3 was announced along with the official announcement of the second season. And with the release of the second season's official trailer, we learned that the third season will come in 2023. Fans already knew what to expect from the season, so they assumed it would be a hit. While every fan awaited the new pieces of information regarding the sequel, they learned that they would not get to meet their beloved characters from the show anytime soon.

The news broke on the cover of the most recently released Shonen Jump issue. The announcement stated, "TV Anime Classroom of the Elite III (Season 3) - Broadcast Winter 2024". After the previous season's ending, it is understandable why this delay may upset many.

Getting to know about the news, some fans were shattered because they couldn't wait to see their favorite Ayanokoji. On the other side, some fans were happy with the decision as they think this way, the creators can work on the Animation quality as, according to them, it wasn't that good in the previous season.

Classroom of the Elite season 3 will cover many elements that will definitely give you goosebumps. Ayanokoji was always a character who felt strange and mysterious from the very beginning. When we were about to delve into his past in the most awaited sequel, the creators decided to postpone the season that too without letting us know the exact reason. How bad is that?

Since the second season of the anime has covered the seven volumes of the original series to the fullest, we can say that the third season will kickstart from the 8th volume, i.e., the 'Mixed Training Camp' arc.

With the announcement stating "Winter 2024," we can hope to see the premiere of the new season in January 2024, joining Ayanokoji and the rest of Class D back at Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. Until then, if you want to catch up with the previous seasons, you can rely on Crunchyroll.