Fans hope Tokyo Ghoul's 10th anniversary comes with a remake announcement

Tokyo Ghoul Anime 10th Anniversary Project
Tokyo Ghoul Anime 10th Anniversary Project / MyAnimeList

When some fans hear about Tokyo Ghoul, they recall an anime adaption that had so much potential but, ultimately, fell on its face due to a rushed storyline and a nearly unnoticeable lack of cohesion with characters. This is a sore spot for fans because the original manga is nothing short of an incredible masterpiece and, for many, it feels like they have been robbed of an anime that had so much potential to go down in history as one the greatest titles ever.

Ever since the anime officially came to an end in Dec. 2018, many have been wondering if we will ever get a revival, seeing that the final season did so poorly. While we don't have the exact answer as to when or if a remake will ever be on the way, we do, at the very least, know that Tokyo Ghoul fans have some new content on the way ahead of the anime's 10th anniversary.

Check out the official announcement (via @animetv_jp) below.

We will know more information on what this update entails next week. Until then, here are the voices of fans all over the world who are also looking forward to the update.

Why fans really want a Tokyo Ghoul remake

With the exception of the first season, which a majority of fans would deem as a perfect introductory season for the world of Tokyo Ghoul, the general consensus is that the anime should receive a complete remake. Rushed storylines and lack of character cohesion are highlighted as the more popular reasons for this desire, but there are also smaller aspects fans have a problem with.

"I don't even know what's there to enjoy in anime after like season 1, season 2 was fine but still rushed and let's not even bring season 3 in here lmao," one comment on Reddit read. "The only problem Perriot Studios did with the anime was that they refused to follow the manga."

Another commenter held similar sentiments, stating, "I personally want it to be done with genuine care, ability to catch Ishida's vibes and not just blindly follow the source material using generic animation and directing."

From these comments, we see that the main gripe with fans regarding the original anime adaptation was that it wasn't as loyal to Sui Ishida's work nor was it a project filled with enough passion. Fortunately, these are edits that can be easily rectified, especially with a revival.

Should Tokyo Ghoul's 10th anniversary announcement be news of a remake, we hope that the revival is one that not only expounds upon the manga but also learns from the original anime's mistakes. Granted, we don't expect a revival to be flawless, as most adaptations aren't, but so long as a remake aims to be better than the last, we're sure fans would be pleased.

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Every season of Tokyo Ghoul, including OVAs, is available to stream on Crunchyroll.