My Hero Academia and the best anime coming out in May 2024

My Hero Academia is not the only beloved anime returning in May.
My Hero Academia Season 7 - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
My Hero Academia Season 7 - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

Although April 2024 gave us so many great new anime shows, including (but not limited to) Kaiju No. 8 and Re: Monster, there's just something about being able to your favorite anime return with brand new installments!

This May, the anime community will get to watch so many outstanding anime titles that it would be beside any fan to miss out on any of these highly anticipated releases! All the more reason why we're here to tell you what to look forward to as well as when you can expect to feast your eyes on anime goodness!

Anime to watch in May 2024

Undoubtedly, May will be very shounen-heavy, as most of the releases belong to the action-packed genre. If you prefer this, you're in luck because some of these titles are as shounen as they come!

Blood of Zeus season 2

  • Release Date: May 9
  • Where to stream: Netflix

After the tragic passing of Zeus, Olympus is looking for someone else to take up the mantle and rule. Many will try and many will fail. However, it's Heron, son of Zeus, who many think should take the responsibility. But this is easier said than done for the young demigod, as he is simultaneously tasked with bringing his brother, Seraphim, back from the dark side.

Will Heron be able to carry these heavy burdens on his shoulders? Or will he succumb to the pressure of living in his father's shadows? And, more importantly, is he the next Zeus?

Check out the hair-raising official trailer below!

Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc

  • Release Date: May 12
  • Where to stream: Crunchyroll

Between the death of one of his favorite Hashira members and the near-deaths of many other Hashira members, Tanjiro and the Hashira have been through quite a lot. That's why this is the best time for them to train to become strong enough to deal with the menacing Muzan Kibutsuji and live to see another day.

As much as they set out to train, Tanjiro and the Hashira members must remember that time is running out, as the demon lord is getting closer and closer to his ulterior motives. Whatever they need to learn, they need to do so as soon as possible, or else they risk putting the entire world at stake.

Haikyuu the Movie: Battle at Garbage Dump

  • USA Release Date: May 31
  • Where to stream: N/A (Only in theaters)

It's all come down to this: the battle at the Garbage Dump!

Karasuno and Nekoma are set to recreate history and have one of the most intriguing volleyball matches of all time. Both Karasuno and Nekoma are stacked with amazing opponents who have their unique skill sets and talents. Some members even have talents that directly counter those on the other team. Even so, they must all learn to adapt and improvise on the court if they want to progress further at Nationals.

Will Nekoma take home the victory? Or will the underdog Karasuno wind up as the victor? Only time will tell who will win!

My Hero Academia season 7

  • Release Date: May 4
  • Where to stream: Crunchyroll

Midoriya has done a great job at being a young student who is learning a lot about the ways of heroes and villains. Even so, everyone has their limits and it seems Midoriya is nearly at his limit when it comes to being exposed to the travesties that befall him and his fellow peers.

He gets knocked down and gets back up, but there are just some things even Midoriya can't make sense of. It is now he learns more than ever that he must rely on those beside him to rise against evil. But is this enough?

With the weight of the world on his shoulders, how will Midoriya overcome his many struggles? What other calamities await him as he presses on ahead? And what plans do the enemies have up their sleeves?

We told you that there are some juicy returning anime titles heading your way. Be sure to head to the aforementioned sites to catch every single second!