Noragami is rumored to finally return! Here's what we know so far

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After years of patiently waiting for an anime update, we are finally inching closer and closer to seeing a new season of Noragami.

As reported by multiple accounts on Twitter, the beloved anime is said to be in production soon and will be directed by Kotaro Tamura, the same creative who has worked on Noragami in the past. Also, sources theorize that the anime will either be headed by Avex Pictures or Studio Bones.

Naturally, news of this new season is absolutely being taken with a grain of salt since an official announcement hasn't been released. However, if there's any truth behind these reports, it's safe to say now is the best time to get prepared for what's to come!

Here's what you may be able to look forward to if Noragami returns with a third season.

Noragami season 3 to continue Yato's story of becoming a major god

At the heart of Noragami is a story about Yato, a minor deity who wants to rewrite his story. He used to be a cruel god who was employed to kill anyone and anything during the height of Japan's worst wars. However, after the era of war concluded, he was forgotten, as no one prayed to him anymore.

If Yato is no longer prayed to, he is at risk of disappearing into the sea of nothingness. That's why he wishes to rebrand himself as a brand-new god who isn't called on for violence. Rather, he wants to be a god of fortune.

Season 3 will continue to explore this journey by adapting the rest of the Sakura Arc and, most likely, the start of the Hospital Arc.

The Sakura Arc will teach us more about Yato's past

A great deal of Yato's upbringing is shrouded in mystery. The Sakura Arc will explore more of who he was before, including telling us all about his very first shinki (divine instrument) and what happened that led to Yato feeling the need to sever his relationship with his first shinki.

This arc is a tad shorter, so we don't expect the third season to only cover this arc. However, if season 3 leads with this arc, it's safe to say it's going to be a great time!

We're crossing our fingers, hoping that we'll get a chance to see Noragami return soon. Until then, all we can do is wait patiently for some more updates. Stay tuned!

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