One Piece Episode 1066 Recap and Review!

As we gear up for the final confrontation between Luffy and Kaido, Kid and Law must take down Big Mom in this action packed episode!
Trafalgar Law action figures should be in high demand after this fight.
Trafalgar Law action figures should be in high demand after this fight. / Pacific Press/GettyImages

Be aware of spoilers ahead! One Piece Episode 1066 is officially out on Crunchyroll following last week's recap about the battle between the new generation and an emperor of the sea.

After watching the battles between the Strawhats and Kaido's subordinates, the new generation keeps fighting as Eustass "Captain" Kid and Trafalgar Law take on Big Mom. In a fight that has lasted multiple episodes, this battle is taken up a notch as the two captains look to finish off the monster known as "Big Mom."

Henry Thurlow debuts as the Director of One Piece Episode 1066

The very talented Henry Thurlow, in his directorial debut, provided an absolutely action-packed episode that ranks among the best in the Wano Country arc. Typically, One Piece will provide a recap of all the action happening since there's so much and fills us in on all the different storylines. Every now and then, however, an episode will jump right into the action. Instead of that, this episode starts off with unique artwork that jumps between the actual show and amazingly detailed drawings depicting Kid's moments throughout the show. This lead's us to our title card: Here Comes the Main Act! Powerful Techniques of Shockwave and Magnetism.

The episode jumps into that action I mentioned earlier showing us Yamato fighting the enormous fire monsters making its way to the basement. After this, we're shown Momonosuke's continued struggle to keep Onigashima from crashing into the Flower Capital. When attempting to find the strength to pull the island, Momo remembers all of those who have fought for him and Wano in a montage that replays the sacrifices of many characters in their battle so far. He starts to feel the island moving where he wants it to and he also hears a familiar voice in his head.

Now, we flash to the battlefield where Kid and Law continue their assault on Big Mom. After some playful banter about who is delivering the better attacks, the two captains are surprised to see Big Mom stand up once again. Big Mom unleashes her sword upon the two.

From here, we get a fantastic number of choreographed attacks from Kid and Law on Big Mom that seem more like annoying gnats to her. The emperor of the sea decides to unleash her biggest attack yet, "3,000 Leagues of Misery," which combines her three strongest items into an attack that comes to life.

Among the breathtaking animations, the attack takes its toll on Kid and others in the area. When looking to finish off Kid, Law comes out of nowhere with his counterattack on Big Mom. He drops a tower on her and uses his special sword trick to put his blade through her to the center of the Earth. It should be noted that this attack doesn't do any physical damage to Big Mom, but instead, it's used to send a shockwave through her.

Although he takes on several hits from Big Mom, Law hangs on long enough to make his mark with his strongest "Puncture Wille" to date. This blows a giant hole in the center of the island and sets up Kid to deliver the final blow with his strongest "Damned Punk."!

Of course, the episode had to end here and we must wait another week for the finale of this fight! The episode still lived up to the hype for me and showed how special this stretch of One Piece has been. Just when you think they peaked from the Sanji and Zoro fights, they deliver with an episode like this. The chilling evilness of Big Mom comes through with her attacks and appearance. The combination of Law's and Kid's banter along with their attacks also make this episode a treat. We await a fantastic conclusion next week!

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