One Piece Episode 1071 recap: Luffy Unleashes Gear 5


The Anticipation around One Piece has been rising at a rapid rate recently, and the previous episode was no exception. Episode 1070 ended at a high point and has left fans eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode to witness Luffy's "Peak."

Gear 5 is teased as the apex of Luffy's powers, and the upcoming episode will showcase his new form. The anime also hints about the mystery of devil fruits, and Luffy's devil fruit obviously is feared by the World Government, and the episode shed light on why the power will be feared worldwide. It was revealed by the Gorosei that Luffy's fruit is known as the Human-Human fruit and a mythical Zoan fruit. The model type of the Fruit is named "Nika," the Sun God. Nika was revered by slaves and resembled freedom, and the devil fruit has alluded to having been evading the World government for 800 years. The Fruit is thought of as having a will of its own, and it seems that Luffy was fated to eat it to gain the powers that would eventually disrupt the world,

When Happened in One Piece Episode 1071?

One Piece Episode 1071, which is titled "Luffy's Peak- Attained! Gear Five", broke many streaming sites around the world, and fans erupted on Twitter after witnessing the transformation of Luffy.

One talking point on social media was the comparison between Gear 5 and Goku's Super Saiyan debut in Dragonball Z. Another detail in Luffy's awakening was how he began to turn the environment around him into rubber-like material, which will make his power even more fearsome.

The animators showcased an interesting adaption of Luffy's transformation by unveiling Gear 5th using cartoonish details. It was reminiscent of Looney Tunes in the way Luffy's jolly attitude was displayed. There were over-the-top moments as Luffy grabs Kaido from the floor to fight back on the roof. It was an outlandish display as Luffy begins to throw Kaido around like he was the Incredible Hulk.

Kaido uses his blast breath and the audience begins to discover the freedom that Luffy displays with his powers as he manipulates the ground into a rubber wall which funnels Kaido's attack right back at him. The episode ends with Luffy and Kaido squaring off yet again.

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What happened In One Piece Episode 1070?

In the previous episode, Luffy was dealt a crushing blow in Gear Four as a result of Kaido and Guernica's interference. Kaido, who was dejected from the unfair result of the battle, grew into a rage and morphed into his dragon form, and declared his victory to the rest of the crew fighting back on the floor. He subsequently demanded the alliance to submit his rule.

Kaido announced his plans to move the Flower Capital and to work the Wano civilians as slaves. The news of Luffy's "death" sent shockwaves through the alliance, with Chopper crying and Nami in shock. Momonosuke took it upon himself to be resilient and carry on with his plans of leading the Island away.

Toward the end of the episode, as the outlook of the battle seemed grim, we began to hear the beat of drums. We begin to see the elephant, Zunesha, become animated, and he announces that hears the Drums of Liberation. Luffy's body begins to transform and it appears to signal the return of Joy Boy. The episode ends with Luffy's hair undergoing a change and he starts to smile.

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