One Piece episode 1084 release date and time

The Straw Hat Pirates depart from Wano as they move on to the next Arc in One Piece episode 1084.

ONE PIECE episode1084 Teaser "Time to Depart - The Land of Wano and the Straw Hats"
ONE PIECE episode1084 Teaser "Time to Depart - The Land of Wano and the Straw Hats" / ONE PIECE公式YouTubeチャンネル

One Piece will close out one of the longest arcs in the series with its upcoming episode. The Straw Hats will bid farewell to Wano including Momonosuke, Kin'emon, and Yamato. Viewers will receive a peek into the next arc of the show as the series shifts closer to the One Piece in the next adventure. The episode will also cover how Buggy received his new title as the emperor of the sea and it may introduce the next location for the Straw Hats.

When does One Piece episode 1084 release?

One Piece episode 1084 is titled "Time to Depart - Wano Country and the Straw Hats" and is scheduled to be released on Sunday, November 19, 2023, at 9:30 am Japanese Standard Time (JST) and will be simulcast on Crunchyroll in the United States. The episode will also be available in the U.S. on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

The new episode of One Piece will be released in the following time zones found below:

  • 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time 
  • 9:00 p.m. Central Time 
  • 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time Zone 
  • 3:00 a.m. in the UK 
  • 7:30 am India Standard Time 
  • 11:30 a.m. in Australia

What happened in One Piece  episode 1083?

In the previous episode, One Piece began with the Akazaya Nine as they recover from their fight the the Admiral as Raizo and Shinobu are helped by Chopper. The group relives Admiral Ryogoku's conversation about his ideals and how few will suffer for the masses to live. Kaido's title as emperor played a part in the balance of power as he kept others away from Wano. Carrot is asked by Nekomamushi and Inuarashi to be the new ruler of the Mokomo Dukedom. Carrot is caught by surprise as the citizens encourage her to carry on Pedro's will.

Kozuki Sukiyaki reveals himself unmasked to the samurai and reunites with Momonosuke and Hiyori. The two are delighted to see their grandfather and some of the samurai already knew Sukiyaki was Tengu. Robin informs the crew that Pluton is located in Wano and the crew questions why Oden was set on releasing the weapon. Caribou was eavesdropping on the situation and plans to pass on the information.

Later on in the show, Momonosuke is dealing with his duties as the leader of Wano as the society resumes its rebuild after Kaido. Momonosuke is sought after for many requests and he runs towards the room the straw hats were staying in. He soon finds out the rooms are empty and the Straw Hats are gone. Momonosuke and Kin'emon are shocked and realize the Straw Hats have decided to set off from the Island without telling them.

Luffy, law, and Kid try to decide which direction to take off in as all three ships are ready to depart. Kid also shows Luffy that Buggy has become an Emperor of the Sea as he has entered a cross guild with Crocodile and Hawkeye. The cross guild has been offering bounties for marine soldiers. Law gives Kid information about the Poneglyph and Yamato decides to follow in the footsteps of Oden. Momonosuku, Kin'emon, and Yamato set their sights on the Straw hats to offer their farewell.

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