Pluto TV to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Month with Ani-May lineup of exciting anime titles!

Sailor Moon. Courtesy of Pluto Tv.
Sailor Moon. Courtesy of Pluto Tv. /

Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month!

To welcome in this amazing month, Pluto TV made the magnificent decision to honor Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders by airing marathons of some of the best anime releases that we have with us today; an event called "Ani-May"!

After all, anime is one of the many things that connect the world with Asian culture and will most likely continue so for the rest of time. Also, with how informative anime can be, some shows may even enlighten you on the language and culture of Asian American and Pacific Islanders.

If you're looking for a way to celebrate AAPI month, look no further than what Pluto TV has in store for you this month!

Pluto TV to host Sailor Moon-only channel and more

One of the greatest anime of all time includes none other than Sailor Moon, the anime that taught us all about girl power, friendship, and saving the world. That's why Pluto TV is creating a Sailor Moon-only channel that will air episodes of the anime all day, all weekend!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie - Production Stills. Image courtesy Netflix /

If Sailor Moon isn't really your speed, there's no need to worry because, in addition to this beloved anime, Pluto TV will also have channels dedicated to airing Yu-Gi-Oh and Lupin the 3rd only!

Both Yu-Gi-Oh and Lupin the 3rd are considered anime classics by audiences young and old, so if you were ever looking for a chance to get into either of these anime titles, now would definitely be a good time. On the other hand, even if you have watched a couple of episodes in the past, these anime shows are great options if you need something to chill to watch over the weekend.

Last but certainly not least, Pluto TV is bringing to us a fourth channel that will air all sorts of shows of all genres every weekend. Namely, the streaming service will air Hunter x Hunter, Inuyasha, Megalobox, and many more.

All in all, this May sounds like a great time for anime lovers! Be sure to head over to Pluto TV every weekend to catch some of the best anime titles ever created! See you there!

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