Solo Leveling season 1 episode 6 release date and time (and what to expect)

Sung and Yoo attempt to defeat the dungeon boss and confront the crew members who betrayed them in Solo Leveling season 1 episode 6.
TVアニメ「俺だけレベルアップな件」web予告|06.「The Real Hunt Begins」
TVアニメ「俺だけレベルアップな件」web予告|06.「The Real Hunt Begins」 / アニプレックス チャンネル

Solo Leveling had its series premiere in January 2024, and its sixth episode will be released this weekend. The series introduced Sung Jinwoo, a monster hunter, who experiences an awakening in his powers after his encounter with a double dungeon.

In the previous episode, Sung undergoes a physical transformation due to his new abilities and player system. He carries out a mission and enters a dungeon with a crew only to be betrayed and trapped in a chamber with the dungeon boss. The next episode will continue Sung and Yoo's confrontation with the dungeon boss and the crew members that left them behind.

How to watch Solo Leveling episode 6

Solo Leveling episode 6 is titled "The Real Hunt Begins" and is scheduled to be released on Saturday, February 10, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. Japanese Standard Time (JST) and will be simulcast on Crunchyroll in the United States. The episode will also be available in the U.S. on Saturday, February 10, 2024.

The new episode of Solo Leveling will be released in the following time zones found below:

  • 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time 
  • 9:00 a.m. Central Time 
  • 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time Zone 
  • 4:00 p.m. in the UK 
  • 8:30 pm India Standard Time 
  • 12:30 a.m. in Australia

Solo Leveling episode 5 recap

In the previous episode, Sung goes through physical developments from the player system, becoming more fit during his stay at the hospital. Sung performs different exercises and exchanges contact information with one of the nurses.

The show cuts to an interview between a woman and an S-rank hunter on TV. Sung's sister, Jinah, is watching the interview from home and is getting ready for school. She notices Sung's body and changes before she leaves and Sung continues his daily quests. He applies his ability points to his stats and he promises to pay his landlord soon. Sung then looks for hunting jobs and comes across Hwang Dongsuk and his subordinates who are familiar with Sung's nickname as the weakest hunter.

Hwang enlists Sung to join their C-rank dungeon mission and informs him that Sung will not be able to share the reads but he will be paid cash. Sung notices there is no healer in the party and signs the contract. A D-rank hunter named Yoo also arrives and strikes up a conversation with Sung. Yoo voices his concerns about the mission and Sung informs Yoo that the size of the dungeon gate does not matter and the magic power level indicates the mission difficulty.

Sung then fills Yoo in on glow stones and their functions in a dungeon. While in the dungeon, Sung uses his abilities to pinpoint the location of the monsters and he realizes that there are insect-type monsters in the dungeon and informs Hwang. The team is able to deal with the creatures but Sung is still suspicious about the dungeon. There is a stronger beast deeper in the dungeon as the crew grabs essence stones.

Yoo reveals that his father gave him his gear for hunting and Sung becomes increasingly suspicious about the contract he signed. The crew stumble upon a cave full of crystals and Yoo asks Sung to see the contract in order to see if there are any loopholes. Yoo confronts Hwang in order to get Sung more rewards and Hwang stresses they need to find a way to store the crystals before dealing with the dungeon boss.

One of the crew members is not prepared for the amount of crystals they stumbled upon and informs Hwang that they need to go back in order to grab equipment. Hwang tells Yoo and Sung to stay behind while the rest of the crew return with mining tools and Sung realizes they have fallen into a trap. As Hwang and the crew members leave, they seal up the chamber and trap Yoo and Sung. The two realize they have been betrayed and Sung devises a way to fight the spider boss at the end of the episode.

The action will certainly continue in the next episode of Solo Leveling.