Tokyo Revengers confirmed to return! What to know about the Bonten Arc

The Boten Arc will be adapted for the next installment of Tokyo Revengers.
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If you've missed seeing Tokyo Revengers on your screens, we're here to deliver some great news because the anime is officially confirmed to return for another installment. This installment is slated to adapt the Bonten Arc, which is the second to last arc of the entire manga series. But don't worry, we don't expect this installment to be the last because of this simple fact, so you can rest assured that more Tokyo Revengers is on the way soon.

Check out the official announcement below (via @animetv_jp)!

At the time of this writing, it's unclear whether this installment will be in the form of a new season or a film. While we're led to believe that the upcoming installment will be a new season since the past three arcs have been broken up into seasons, Bonten Arc being one of the shorter arcs pushes us to think that we may receive a film instead.

We will receive more information (such as a release date, trailer, and clarification on whether the Bonten Arc is a new film or season) regarding this release as time goes on. For now, however, let us fill you in on what story you can expect the new installment to tell.

Bonten Arc will be one of the darkest Tokyo Revengers arcs yet

So far, we've seen Takemichi, our protagonist, do everything in his power to prevent Mikey from going off the deep end. Takemichi's efforts have been all but futile, as it seems something always goes wrong for Mikey, driving him closer and closer to the brink of insanity.

In the very first season, Mikey chose a life full of violence because of the death of his older brother, Shinichiro, and his best friend, Baji. He also suffered the loss of a few other of his fellow gang members, which only pushed him to be even more violent. On the other hand, in the second and third seasons, we see that Mikey has lost even more, including his younger sister, Emma.

All these deaths and tragedies led to Mikey being a vicious leader of one of the deadliest gangs that Tokyo has ever seen, Bonten.

The Bonten Arc will be the accumulation of the seasons thus far and will also serve as a test of Takemichi's resolve to save Mikey no matter what. Will Takemichi be able to hold his own? Or is Mikey too far gone? We will know soon enough. No matter what Takemichi must step up to the plate, not only putting his life on the line but also trying to prevent the deaths of his friends and, most importantly, the love of his life Hinata.

Recap the start of Takemichi's journey by watching the trailer for Tokyo Revengers season 1 below.

What's coming is certainly going to be an emotional rollercoaster for fans of Tokyo Revengers, so be sure to catch everything that you've missed thus far by streaming the anime's first season on Crunchyroll or head to Disney+/Hulu to stream every season thus far.

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