Where to watch Pokémon Horizons based on where you live

The next entry in the iconic franchise is available to fans around the world.
Pokemon Horizons The Series Key art. Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Horizons The Series Key art. Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company /

Since debuting in Japan in the spring of 2023, Pokémon Horizons has become available to fans all over the world. For the first time in 26 years, the Pokémon anime series does not follow Ash Ketchum as its main character. After the culmination of Ash's adventure by finally becoming a Pokémon Master, it was announced that the anime would start following an all-new cast of characters.

Pokémon Horizons follows Liko, Roy, Dot, and their partner Pokémon as they travel with a group of adventurers called the Rising Volt Tacklers. As Liko attempts to uncover the truth behind the mysterious pendant given to her by her grandmother, she and the rest of the Rising Volt Tacklers come into conflict with the villainous explorers, who want to claim Liko's pendant for themselves.

Watch Pokémon Horizons by region

In most regions, Pokémon Horizons is streaming digitally, with Netflix being the most common platform. In the United States, Latin America, Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, and the Netherlands, Pokémon Horizons is streaming on Netflix. In the United Kingdom, Pokémon Horizons is streaming on the BBC iPlayer. In fact, the United Kingdom was the first place the English dub of the series started airing.

Additionally, for US-based viewers, the Pokémon Company has posted a comprehensive list of where to watch other seasons of the Pokémon anime.

However, in several regions, the series is primarily airing on TV. In Canada, Pokémon Horizons is airing in both official languages, on the Canadian version of Cartoon Network in English and on Télétoon in French. In France, the series is airing on Gulli. In Italy and Spain, it's airing on the local Italian and Spanish Boing channels. In Germany, it's airing on Toggo. Check local listings for more information.

Due to licensing agreements, Pokémon Horizons may not be available in all regions, but hopefully that'll change in the near future.

The trailer for Pokémon Horizons can be watched here:

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