Who is the strongest Hokage in Naruto?

Hokage Ranking | Naruto | (Hindi)
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In Naruto, the position of Hokage is honored by the most capable, formidable, and intelligent Shinobi. As the first shinobi village, Konoha was the first to establish the hierarchy of Kage. The beloved protagonist, Naruto, dreamed of becoming Hokage despite starting as the weakest student in the academy, he ended up being the strongest ninja in the Shinobi World.

Throughout its history, Konoha has been led by some of the strongest ninjas as Hokage, out of whom Senju Hashirama stands out as the most prominent figure.

Hashirama's Immense Strength

Hashirama, also known as "The God of Shinobi," possessed such overwhelming power that his true abilities were not fully showcased even during the Fourth Great Ninja War, due to the limitations imposed by the Edo Tensei. This technique made Hashirama slightly weaker than his prime state.

Even as a child, Hashirama displayed formidable strength that surpassed adults within the Senju Clan. In his adulthood, his power grew to clash even with the Ten-Tailed Beast. He was the only ninja who ever fought against Madara and successfully defeated him.

In addition to Hiruzen Sarutobi and Kakashi Hatake, Hashirama was one of the few Hokage who possessed all five chakra natures. Although Hashirama outshines the other Hokage in many aspects, his speed was the only area where he fell short. This shortcoming, however, was due to the unique teleportation technique that another Hokage was able to use.

Hashirama's exceptional chakra control and vast chakra reserves allowed him to exert control over the Ten-Tails. His Great God Gates technique could even withstand the powerful blasts of the Tailed Beast.

Hashirama's Kekkie Genkai and Sage Mode

The Wood Release Jutsu, Hashirama's most formidable technique, possessed the ability to absorb, suppress, and manipulate chakra. When combined with his Monkey Sage Mode, Hashirama's potential reached unimaginable heights.

By utilizing the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai and Sage Mode, he could summon the Thousand Hands of Buddha statue, which stood taller than even the Nine-Tailed Fox. This technique was potent enough to withstand Kurama covered in Susanoo and also delivered a hundred punches at once.

Additionally, Hashirama exhibited mastery over the Wood Release: World-Flowering Tree technique. The pollen emitted by this jutsu was capable of corroding and overwhelming Madara's Susanoo. Furthermore, Hashirama possessed the ability to heal his injuries without waiving any hand signs.

Madara Used Hashirama's Cells

During their battle in the Valley of the End, Madara appropriated some of Hashirama's tissue and implanted it into his own body. By harnessing the power of these cells, Madara was able to heal himself, slow down aging, and ultimately awaken Rinnegan. This infusion of Hashirama's abilities significantly augmented Madara's own prowess as a Perfect Dojutsu user.

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