Wind Breaker episode 6 release date and time (and episode 5 recap)

Wind Breaker - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
Wind Breaker - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

Wind Breaker is one of those anime titles that you simply have to see yourself to understand why there is so much hype surrounding it!

So far, the anime has shown us that there is power in numbers and that we should do everything in our power to protect those who may be weaker than us. What's more, this anime title has also reminded us that there is always more to someone than what meets the eye, as some of the characters that seemed like they would be overpowered were left sniveling in the end.

If you have watched every episode thus far, then you are very familiar with these lessons and know that this anime has so much in store for us. But when can you continue to sink your teeth into brand-new episodes to learn even more gems of wisdom? Here's everything to know about the next episode of Windbreaker as well as a quick recap of what you might've missed during the last episode!

As with previous episodes, the day and time of new episodes will remain the same for now. The next episode of Wind Breaker is expected to be released on Thursday, May 9, at 11:26 a.m. ET on Crunchyroll!

Here's what happened in episode 5

Episode 5 of Wind Breaker picks up with the members of Bofurin and the leaders of Shishitoren, the enemy of Bofurin, heading off to Shishitoren's home base to settle their score. The pairs that are created in episode 4 begin their respective battles and, to everyone's surprise, some contestants rise to the occasion while others fall flat on their faces. The first decisive battle is between Kyotaro Sugishita and his opponent, Yukinari Arima.

Arima tries to distract Sugishita by pretending as if Sugishita's idol (and leader), Hajime Umemiya, got hurt. Sugishita, distracted, quickly turns around, allowing Arima to land a sneak punch on him. Thankfully, Sugishita is able to quickly recover and return the favor, knocking Arima out cold with a simple yet effective slam to the floor.

With this fight, Bofuri is up one point, while Shishitoren has zero. The next fight is between Bofuri's Hayato Suo and Shishitoren's Minoru Kanuma.

Before the fight even begins, Kanuma is very nervous about exchanging blows with Suo, showing that Kanuma is all talk with very little bite. Suo knows this, but rather than just pummel him, he decides to teach Kanuma a very important lesson on how to grow up.

As if toying with his food, Suo makes a fool out of Kanuma by tripping him up and making him fall on his own failed punches. While doing this, Suo is lecturing Kanuma about how the only way to become an adult is to stop thinking he could never be in a lowly position. Rather, he needs to acquire an imagination where he can imagine himself being beaten up and picked on, too. Suo comes out of the fight victorious, while Kanuma fails miserably.

With Bofurin having two wins under their belt and Shishitoren having none, Jo Togame, Shishitoren's second-in-command, is seething with anger, looking at all the weak people in his gang. We don't know what Togame or his leader, Choji Tomiyama, will do next. But if they are as crazy as people say they are, there's a good chance one of them will snap.

What to expect from episode 6

In the next episode of Wind Breaker, we can expect to see the remaining pairs go against each other. However, with how things are going so far, to save themselves from further embarrassment, it wouldn't surprise us if Shishitoren skipped ahead and went straight to the showdown between Hajime Umemiya and Choji Tomiyama. Anything's possible!

If you are just as excited as we are to catch the brand-new episode of Wind Breaker on Thursday, May 9, on Crunchyroll! See you there!

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