Wind Breaker fans rejoice over season 2 renewal! Here's what's on the way

WIND BREAKER - Episode 5 Stills - ©Satoru Nii,KODANSHA_ WIND BREAKER Project
WIND BREAKER - Episode 5 Stills - ©Satoru Nii,KODANSHA_ WIND BREAKER Project /

Undoubtedly, the season 2 renewal for Wind Breaker was a no-brainer.

The shounen anime follows the life of delinquent boys willing to do anything and everything to be there for one another and their community has been taking the anime world by storm. Full of intriguing characters, each with their own set of unique characteristics and flaws, speak to every single fan, which, in turn, allows fans to live vicariously through these awesome individuals.

Additionally, the anime does a good job of going where most delinquent anime doesn't tend to go; that is, helping us understand that being the best fighter and being the most violent isn't all there is to be strong. Rather, it's how you can bring others together to fight for your cause.

All these great aspects and more make Wind Breaker a stand-out anime that we hope will be with us for some time. Fortunately, it looks like our hopes will be coming true, as the anime is super popular, hence why it quickly received a season 2 renewal shortly after the first season concluded.

Check out the exciting official announcement below (via @animetv_jp)!

As the announcement reads, the sophomore season will arrive in 2025. While this is some time away, we're sure time will fly by. In the meantime, however, we want to give you a quick teaser of what's to come so that you can get pumped about what's to come!

Wind Breaker season 2 will follow Bofurin's fight against KEEL

Should the anime continue to adapt the manga front to back, we expect the next arc of Wind Breaker's anime to follow Bofurin's battles against KEEL, a new gang that seeks to bother the life of Bofurin's boys.

Unlike Shishitoren, KEEL is a gang that knows how to utilize mental warfare in addition to their violent tendencies. What's more, with these new opponents being much stronger than most of the characters we've been introduced to so far, it's clear to see that Bofurin will have to go above and beyond what they're used to. It's the only way if they want to bring peace back into the lives of their boys and their community.

WIND BREAKER - Episode 1 Stills - ©Satoru Nii,KODANSHA_ WIND BREAKER Project
WIND BREAKER - Episode 1 Stills - ©Satoru Nii,KODANSHA_ WIND BREAKER Project /

Between the characters of Bofurin and the characters of KEEL, season 2 will be filled with brand-new characters and locations, two things that we can't wait to see brought to life by none other than production studio, CloverWorks.

We will soon know more about what else we can expect from season 2 of Wind Breaker. Until then, be sure to stream every episode of the first season on Crunchyroll, and stay tuned with Anime Away for even more anime updates!

Here's to season 2!

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