Yakuza Fiancé is set to stream on Crunchyroll in October 2024! What to know

Yakuza Fiancé - Crunchyroll
Yakuza Fiancé - Crunchyroll /

If you have been itching to watch an anime that has intense drama and romance at its center, then we think Yakuza Fiancé is the perfect title for you!

As per Crunchyroll, Yakuza Fiancé is an anime that is arriving later this year in October 2024, which means that the countdown for this anime title has officially begun. Ahead of its anticipated release, we want to fill you in on everything you can expect this anime to entail, including everything to know about the creatives working on this project.

Here's everything we know so far!

In a world of gangsters, a true identity is revealed

Yakuza Finacé tells the story of a young lady named Somei Yoshino who has her life flipped upside down when her grandfather arranges for her to marry Miyama Kirishima, a gang member who is a part of one of the largest gangs in the Kanto region. Initially, things don't seem as dangerous as they could be for someone who is married to a gang member, which is certainly a relief to Yoshino. However, when things get a little rough for Kirishima, Yoshino soon realizes that her life isn't going to be as smooth sailing as she thought.

It's a story that will remind you of similar anime such as The Way of the Househusband and Gangsta, only Yakuza Fiancé has many more elements that set it apart from other anime in the gangster/delinquent genre.

Read the anime's full synopsis below:

"Somei Renji is Somei Yoshino’s grandfather and leader of the “Somei Group”, the Kansai region’s biggest yakuza group. When he arranges for her to be married to Miyama Kirishima, Yoshino has to move to “Miyama Clan” estate, the Kanto region’s biggest yakuza group. Kirishima warmly welcomes Yoshino and is such a pleasant, personable, and nice young man that nobody would suspect that he comes from a yakuza family. This puts Yoshino at ease even though she was initially feeling insecure in this unfamiliar place. But then, a certain event leads to Yoshino witnessing the real Kirishima."


Toshifumi Kawase, the same creative who worked on titles such as When They Cry: Rei and Cestvs: The Roman Figher, will serve as the director of the project. Toshifumi is joined by Rika Takasugi, Itsuko Takeda, and Masato Suzuki, who serve as the script composer, character designer, and music composer, respectively.

At the time of writing, voice actors behind the characters in this title have yet to be announced. We will be sure to let you know once we know more about the voice actors as well as once we are informed of a teaser trailer, soundtrack, and much more. In the meantime, stay tuned to Anime Away for more updates.