Black Clover Chapter 361 Spoilers teases Asta's whereabouts

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King
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Black Clover Chapter 361 reveals that Asta has survived.

Seeing the ongoing situation in the Black Clover manga, we can clearly see that Lucius can't be knocked down easily. Despite getting several damages from Yuno, the villain returns in a way that nothing has happened. Now, when the spoilers reveal that Asta is not dead, fans can't hold their breath to see the beloved hero take the gruesome villain on a wild ride.

Black Clover Chapter 361 spoilers revealed

The 361st chapter of Black Clover comes with the title 'Doomsday Army.' Yuno is shocked seeing Lucius as he believes he has defeated the villain. But seeing Lucius back that too unharmed made Yuno get confused. The building starts falling as Yuno realizes that he is not hallucinating; the things are happening in real. Lucius tells Yuno about his abilities by saying he can create multiple clones as he has everything that makes him the most powerful.

Lucius thinks to himself that he will make a world free of flaws at any cost, and for that, he has made a plan that doesn't have drawbacks as well. The next moment, Yuno finds himself surrounded by multiple clones of Lucius. While every NPC was scared seeing the situation, only Noelle was the one who wasn't ready to give up on hope.

The next scene takes us to Black Bulls, where we see Vanessa explaining to the Witch Queen the urgency to find Asta. Witch Queen had foreseen the Black Bulls coming to her, so she quickly revealed to them Asta's whereabouts. Knowing about Asta's survival, a wave of happiness ran through everyone. However, the witch also informed them that their beloved Asta was in such a distant location that it would not be easy to convene him.

Dorothy interrupts and says that it's very urgent to bring Asta back, as only he can defeat Lucius. The Black Bulls use magic that helps them meet anyone whom they want to meet. And the magic literally brings the hero back from the Foreign Land in no time.