Demon Slayer: Infinity Castle Arc to be split into a three-part film series! What to know

Demon Slayer: Infinity Castle - Courtesy of: Crunchyroll
Demon Slayer: Infinity Castle - Courtesy of: Crunchyroll /

The countdown for Demon Slayer: Infinity Castle, the Demon Slayer film trilogy, has officially begun!

In the current world of Demon Slayer, the stakes are higher than ever before, as Muzan has trapped not only the Hashira members in his infinity castle but also every Demon Slayer soldier. With everyone being in one place, this can only mean an absolute blood bath is on the way, one that we, unfortunately, have doubts that everyone will get out safely.

Nevertheless, humanity's strongest soldiers are also in Muzan's presence, so we know we're receiving some of the most epic, hair-raising battles in all of anime history.

The events that go down from here on out will be a combination of the highly anticipated Infinity Castle Arc and the Sunrise Countdown Arc, the last arcs in the entire story of Demon Slayer. These arcs are so jam-packed with lore and action that it didn't come as a surprise to fans in the slightest that only a three-part film release would be the best way to adapt the conclusion of the anime!

There are tons of questions that you may have with this announcement. One of those questions may be what exactly you can expect from this trilogy. Another question may be when you can expect the first of three installments to be released. Fortunately for you, we're here to answer all your burning questions!

Infinity Castle will be Muzan and the Hashira's last stance

Undoubtedly, with both parties making a move to put an end to the plans of one another, everyone is pulling out all the stops. Muzan plans to execute every demon slayer, while Tanjiro and the Hashira seek to put down Muzan once and for all by holding out a painstakingly long battle until the sun rises. No matter who is victorious, the victor will have succeeded in wiping out an entire clan of their enemy, which means there's no time for holding back.

Altogether the last two arcs of the manga comprise 64 chapters. There will be a lot of content to cover, but, at the very least, you can expect the remaining Upper Rank demons to match up with the Hashira as well as Tanjiro doing everything he can to finally get his hands on Muzan. This, of course, will be much easier said than done for all parties involved. Even so, as long as the Demon Slayer Corps give it their all, they, hopefully, will pull through.

Only time will tell. Until then, check out the official trailer for Infinity Castle below!

As far as the specifics behind the release, we know that the trilogy will be released in select theaters across the world. As for when this will be, we don't officially have a release date. However, assuming that the first installment is already in production, we predict the first installment may come as soon as late 2025. Of course, take this with a grain of salt, as we must await more information.

We are bound to know more about Demon Slayer: Infinity Castle as time passes. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned with Anime Away for all the latest updates. Also, head to Crunchyroll to stream every installment of Demon Slayer!

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