Don't miss a second of The Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 episode 10

The Bow Hero makes his return in the next episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero.
TVアニメ『盾の勇者の成り上がり Season 3』フィーロの次回予告|第10話「パーフェクト=ハイド=ジャスティス」
TVアニメ『盾の勇者の成り上がり Season 3』フィーロの次回予告|第10話「パーフェクト=ハイド=ジャスティス」 / KADOKAWAanime

The Rising of the Shield Hero will continue its third season with the tenth episode premiering this weekend. The Heroes were able to stop the emperor dragon and free both Filo and Gaelion.

In the upcoming episode, the viewers will see a familiar face returning as Filo is determined to level up and become stronger with Melty. The villagers continue to train and contribute to the village and Naofumi permits some to enter Zeltoble's coliseums to train. Naofumi confronts Itsuki, the Bow Hero, in order to understand his predicament.

The Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 episode 10 release date and time

The Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 episode 10 is titled “Perfect Hidden Justice” and is scheduled to be released on Friday, December 8, 2023, at 9:00 pm Japanese Standard Time (JST). It will also be simulcast on Crunchyroll in the United States. The episode will be available in the U.S. on Friday, December 8, 2023. See a breakdown of the release times by time zone for the episode:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 5:30 am
  • Central Standard Time: 7:30 am
  • Eastern Standard Time: 8:30 am
  • British Standard Time: 1:30 pm
  • Central European Time: 2:30 pm
  • Indian Standard Time: 6:00 pm

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The Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 episode 9 recap

In the last episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, Naofumi and their crew resume their disastrous fight with the Emperor Dragon. The Dragon unleashes a massive attack that spells doom for the crew and Naofumi is able to block the first wave. Atla attempts to stop the creature with her technique but she is also hit with the blast. The blast also wrecks the cave the crew is in and water comes rushing in flushing everyone out.

The crew regroups outside after washing out from the cave. Naofumi estimates that Filo might have less than a day until the dragon drains the rest of her powers. While the crew plans their counterattack, Atla is curious about Wyndia's father and asks her about it. It is revealed that Wyndia's father lent his daughter to the dragon while he was running away from danger. Wyndia reminisces about her memories growing up with the dragon and she remembers about a specific scale that was a weak point for the creature. Wyndia rushes to inform Naofumi about the weakness of the dragon and the crew implements a plan to rescue Filo and Gaelion.

Rapthalia and Eclair are assigned as the attackers to cause damage to wear down the Dragon's defense. Ren and Sadeena are paired together to target and pierce the scale around the dragon's chest. Naofumi decided to use his Wraith Shield in order to lure out the dragon and fight once again.

The dragon arrives towards Naofumi and the crew launches their attack. Sadeena, Wyndia, and Melty use water magic to trap the dragon and to prepare for the physical attacks by the crew. The crew attempts multiple attacks in order to lower the dragon's defense but the creature is able to tank the flurry of combatants. Atla and Fohl enter the clash and Fohl is able to use his beast form to break the defense barrier and Atla is able to land a critical strike to the monster. The emperor dragon's body is immobilized and Filo and Gaelion are able to escape. Sadeena is able to retrieve the dragon core and then Raphtalia strikes the final blow with her sword. the dragon then reenters Naofumi's wraith shield.

The villagers thank Naofumi for his work, and Naofumi scolds them for trying to take advantage of Ren. Ren apologizes to Wyndia, who thanks him for saving her. Gaelion is revealed to have become the vessel for Wyndia's father as he communicates with Naofumi and the young dragon evolves into his bigger form to fly Naofumi back.

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