One Piece author confirms one-month hiatus after Chapter 1086

One Piece 1000 Commemorative Battle of Onigashima Visual - Photo Courtesy: Funimation
One Piece 1000 Commemorative Battle of Onigashima Visual - Photo Courtesy: Funimation /

Twitter is the primary source of information related to the anime industry nowadays. Recently, the platform revealed a piece of heartbreaking news that has broken every One Piece manga fan's heart.

The manga is often seen going on brief hiatuses, but this time, it will be on a break for an entire month. Well, we will get the 1086th chapter this weekend, but the further chapters won't be arriving anytime soon.

One Piece one-month hiatus explained

The official Twitter handle of Eichiro Oda stated that the author had Astigmatism (an eye problem that makes one's vision blurry) for an extended period. Now, he will finally be having surgery to get it treated. The author also reveals that he has been talking about the same with the Chief Editor of Shonen Jump Magazine since last year. Hence, he is finally taking a break from work for a whole month, so One Piece Chapter 1087 will get released in July 2023.

While some fans are disheartened learning about the hiatus, some want to see the mangaka rest properly and come back even stronger. Moreover, fans can rely on the One Piece anime series in the meanwhile, as the series will continue to entertain fans every weekend. So, even if the manga chapters aren't there for four weeks, One Piece fans still have something to look forward to.

Besides that, we also have a piece of good news for every fan of the franchise. Since the day Luffy's Gear 5 had its manga debut, everyone wanted to see how this transformation would look in the anime adaptation. Well, you don't have to wait longer to witness it. Yes, you read it right. A new release schedule for the anime episodes has emerged online, and it clearly states that we will get to see Luffy's Gear 5 in the anime in Episode 1072, which will get released on July 29, 2023.

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