Why Delicious in Dungeon should absolutely be renewed for season 2

Delicious in Dungeon
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Delicious in Dungeon has quickly become an anime on everyone's must-watch lists!

The 2024 anime has it all. Comedy. Adventure. Helpful life tips. And, most importantly, delicious foods that make our mouths salivate. What's more, the anime has some stunning character work, as each of these characters is flawed in its own way but still complements one another very well to bring forth an ensemble of amazing individuals to who everyone can relate.

Above all, though, Delicious in Dungeon has a very strong story at its root, as it follows the life of a curious yet clumsy knight who is on a mission to find his sister, the one who has prevented him from interlocking with death time and time again.

See all this and more in the official trailer for Delicious in Dungeon here!

Between the show's riveting story and the fandom of this anime growing each day, a sophomore season is not only wanted but absolutely, positively needed.

With no renewal in sight just yet, it's clear that we may have to give Netflix a little convincing as to why Delicious in Dungeon is definitely the show they want to keep on the air. Fortunately, we have one argument that might bring that renewal much closer than ever before,

The biggest reason why Delicious in Dungeon should return for a second season

Without a doubt, the main reason why Delicious in Dungeon deserves a second installment is because, with everything the manga encompasses, the popularity of this Netflix anime will not only double but may very well triple in size.

As it stands, the manga, written beautifully by Ryoko Kui, has officially concluded with a grand total of 97 chapters. All the way until the end, each of these chapters has only expounded upon all the themes explored in the anime's first season.

For example, you'll learn more about Laios' relationship with his sister, Falin, and how Laios views his little sister as something more than a get-out-of-jail-free card. You'll also learn more about Laios' crew's backstories, which will have you experiencing a rollercoaster ride of emotions so vastly different than each other that you'll be pleasantly surprised by every emotion you feel.

And the main characters aren't the only ones worth mentioning! Thistle, a character who has made an appearance in the anime, has an incredible backstory that brings more clarity into who he is as a character and what implications his existence has on people like Laios who sometimes do things without thinking about how it affects others.

Naturally, we don't want to give too much away, but if this anime returns for a second season (and possibly even more seasons), you'll feel exactly the way we do!

In addition to the lore continuing, there are also several more themes this story explores, including identity, gender expression, and so much more. This turns a show that seems straightforward at first glance into a show with so many layers.

Perhaps Netflix is just as curious to see what story will follow once this show is renewed. If so, we may be able to see a continuation of Delicious in Dungeon much sooner than later.

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Delicious in Dungeon is now streaming on Netflix! Stay tuned for updates!