3 most popular shonen anime you should be watching right now

WIND BREAKER - Episode 5 Stills - ©Satoru Nii,KODANSHA_ WIND BREAKER Project
WIND BREAKER - Episode 5 Stills - ©Satoru Nii,KODANSHA_ WIND BREAKER Project /

Shounen anime titles are simply too good to not have at least one show you're watching each season. Sure, we have pretty record-breaking shounen anime that everyone knows about, such as Demon Slayer or One Piece. But there are a few popular anime that aren't always in everyone's conversations.

Fortunately for you, we're here to fill you in on a few shounen titles that you should be watching as well as why these shows, in particular, are forces to be reckoned with. What's more, we'll give you a quick sneak peek at what you can expect to see from our top picks so that you know all the exciting action that's in store for you.

Best shounen anime of spring 2024

We couldn't possibly discuss shounen anime without bringing up Wind Breaker, one of the best of the genre that we could ever have this season!

Wind Breaker

WIND BREAKER - Episode 5 Stills - ©Satoru Nii,KODANSHA_ WIND BREAKER Project
WIND BREAKER - Episode 5 Stills - ©Satoru Nii,KODANSHA_ WIND BREAKER Project /

Windbreaker follows the life of Sakura, a young boy who moves to a new town where violence is usually the only way to settle the score. Scorned by everything life has thrown at him thus far, Sakura is used to punching his way out of the fire all by his lonesome. However, once he joins Bofurin, his school's dominant gang, he starts to see that the only way he can get stronger is by learning a thing or two from the powerhouses that are around him.

Sakura has a long way to go, especially with his anger likened to a hairpin trigger. Nevertheless, so long as he is always open to the challenge, he'll get to the top much faster than anyone could ever imagine.

See a teaser for Wind Breaker below.

This anime is perfect for those who love epic battles, dynamic/well-rounded characters, and, most importantly, the power of community.


HAIKYU!! The Dumpster Battle - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
HAIKYU!! The Dumpster Battle - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

With the highly anticipated Haikyuu!!'s film, Battle at the Garbage Dump (or The Dumpster Battle), there's been an uptick in how many people remember that they love this sports anime. We certainly aren't surprised, as this anime was super popular when it regularly aired new episodes and even went on to take TikTok by storm with its countless trends.

Haikyuu!! follows the life of a young boy named Hinata Shoyo who has endless potential to be one of the best volleyball players of all time. The only problem is that he's a very unconventional athlete. He's super short, doesn't really know too much about volleyball (despite loving volleyball), and, the worst part of all, his go-to move involves him closing his eyes.

Hinata is a mess when we find him. But when he joins Karasuno, his school's team, he is taken on a journey that changes his life forever.

Check out this cool moment from the anime's first season!

Thankfully, the anime's fandom is revitalized because of its new content. This gives both new and veteran fans a chance to be a part of an ever-growing community full of people who love Haikyuu!! as much as we do. Be sure to stream every season before you dive into the amazing film that is Battle at the Garbage Dump!

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Mashle: Magic and Muscles - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
Mashle: Magic and Muscles - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

Somehow, the popularity of Mashle: Magic and Muscles's opening song has surpassed the actual popularity of the show. We completely understand that a catchy tune you can dance to goes a very long way. However, we want to bring attention to the fact that this anime's story is actually very good.

Mashle takes the overpowered genre of magic and flips it on its head by having our protagonist, Mash, reject everything astonishing that comes with being a magical god in a human body and prefer to live a life where his bare knuckles do the work for him. This is a pretty refreshing thing to see in shounen anime because most anime titles in this genre rely heavily on the main character having insanely good powers that very few can stand to.

Although Mash doesn't have magical powers, he is very strong, which is perfect for those who still want a protagonist who can hold his own. To that point, he fights battles that look stacked against him and will stop at nothing to secure victory.

Here's a look at a scene that we think truly encompasses everything that you can expect from this shounen anime.

Yes, the anime's music makes you tap your feet. But we think Mashle: Magic and Muscles will also have you hanging on to the edge of your seat wondering what happens next.

Wind Breaker, Haikyuu!!, and Mashle: Magic and Muscles are the top three shounen anime you should stream as soon as possible. Head to Crunchyroll to watch all three of these amazing titles from the very beginning.

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